I hit the road before 4AM to bead the Northern Virginia traffic.

The drive was longer and harder then I anticipated. I am still in a lot of pain and my strength is far from 100%. To make things easier I stopped at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and the Salisbury Zoo. Both places always leave me feeling refreshed and inspired.

I am settled in at my old home in Crisfield. Simca the feral alley-cat is watching me carefully. Once the pain meds kick in I should be able to get some rest.

A long and painful morning at Johns Hopkins, but I managed to catch the sunset as we were on the highway into Baltimore.

My wife and I love to visit Assateague National Seashore. She loves the beach and the shorebirds. I love the wild ponies.

What we both really love - what brings us back to this place time and time again - is the way the woods and waters wild bring a smile to each other’s faces.

Nature is a blessing, but to me the greatest blessing is the smile on my wife’s face when we hold hands on the beach and face the rising sun. 

Some blessings are best seen through the eyes of your true love.